Oil Intermediaries.

How many times have you been approached by an oil contact who swears black and blue that they have a “real” buyer or seller.

For me it’s an old story, that has been repeated way too many times, and almost every time it has proven that the contact is fake …. the buyer or seller is not real, they waste my time and resources and then expect next time they come back with a contact, with an enquiry that they will be treated with the same credibility.

What I don’t understand is that they accept what their contact, a intermediary or somepne who says they are a buyer or seller without any verification. The contact takes it from their in box and sends it to me, without doing anything, and expects that is good enough, it’s not, due diligence is the first step, nothing happens until its done and we have a positive outcome.

Time Wasters

This I think is the ultimate negative, when I venture back into commodities .. especially when you have been doing it a while.

You understand what is really being said –  their words cover up the fact that there is nothing real underneath

Recently I was approached through a trusted source of the potential for a buyer looking for product, as a official mandate for the seller, I spoke to those in question, who were evasive in the extreme, they were either operating as gatekeeper for a real contact or something far darker, time wasters, looking for something for nothing …

Some of the terms they used set off warning lights, but the reality was triggered when they asked for a SCO for product .. this to me was saying they had no one, they were merely going to take the offer and go shopping for a real buyer.

I give everyone I deal with two shots for access, they have all used up one .. so tired on wasting time … 

Reader Engagement

It does not matter how the content gets to you, by what ‘road” or in what form, whether in a library book, a hard copy magazine or newspaper, the web and its various forms of streaming … it has something in common … you have to have interest in the content, it has to engage with you .. and make you want you to focus and read on.

This has always been the case. How often have you picked up a book, looked over a few pages, and discarded it. Why ? because it did not engage with you, watched a movie, switched channels, went to sleep or worse still, walked out of a theatre .. or reading a web page and thought , no .. and moved on … read a Twitter stream and nothing, you either clicked good bye or went looking for content that you can relate to, regardless of how the content is delivered to you, how you view it or engage with it, it has to value you and engage with you as a person.

Think about this and we will come back to you … in the next blog entry with more .. of what I hope is interesting content

You and Blogging

I have been taking a lot of time and attention of the processes that Blogs and on Twitter, users there employ to connect, engage and convert readers.

I have noticed that most Blogs and Twitter feeds (business) are only concerned about serving themselves and seem to care little about attracting and engaging with “readers” with interesting content.

There are others who say this far better than I.

The first is Glen Allsop who writes for Copyblogger.com, his post

Why Nobody Cares About Your Content (And What to do About it)

I seriously couldn’t say it any better myself.

Please take note …. the content of your blog has to matter to me … as a reader .. if it does not matter to me, well the next site is a click away.

I have other suggestions for excellent Marketing sales advice at the blogs of Seth Godin .. in particular the realities of the process at his link Seth Godin and Darren Rowse at true expert at this … with over 320,000 readers can be found at Problogger.net
and an article of interest from his site about becoming a pro blogger

I would also refer you to the three basic rules of sales blogging, be the expert, the authority a reader is seeking by Attracting Readers, Engaging with them (with content) and Convert these contacts to sales …

I hope that this helps you move forward.

NZ Copyright Amendment Bill

New Zealand has just enacted into law, the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 No 11, Public Act, which requires the New Zealand Copyright Tribunal to oversee ISPs’ (Internet Service Providers) implementation of a graduated response system with subscribers found to be infringing copyright works over their networks.

The new law also provides for a “default” remedy for rights holders in the event that a court finds that the system implemented by the Copyright Tribunal is ineffective.

Not sure I agree with this, as where does the burden of proof lay. I have even had a letter from one of these cowboys accusing me of downloading a file, and I know I did not download the file .. so I say again, what is the proof required of the infringement process, or are you presumed to be guilty ?


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New Blood


I have a little free time, so if you need some help kicking around some new ideas … let me know … I like meeting new people and talking through viable ideas … no time wasters please.  At this point I am looking to help you move forward, for New Ventures or entrepreneurs also but I will also offer help concerning corporate structure, continuous improvement models, corporate culture all within a ethical transparent accountable structure.

I am not offering help with funding at this point.

So contact me on the email address of davids@intmf.com and lets see where this will lead.


Commodities 105 – Books

For those who are interested, there is a book I suggest you get hold of, if you want to find out more about this market segment …. a recent book published in 2009 concerning the industry

International Trade and the Successful Intermediary


Davide Giovanni Papa, Lorna Elliott

The link for those who are interested is here…


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