Commodities – Buyer Engagement

From a seller or a seller mandates point of view, the biggest time waster is the illusion that we are actually talking with a buyer, an authorised buyer mandate or agent.

Note all agents for publicly listed companies have to be lodged with the appropriate judiciary, the SCC for the USA or ASIC for Australia

However, normally we are taking to someone who says they are one of these, the end buyer, the authorised mandate or agent, but isn’t.

To combat this we have instituted a simple change, when asked we simply follow the process below.

1         Yes we can supply Crude and refined Oil products.

2         Yes we supply products CIF delivery at a discount (usually quantity dependant) below a local  benchmark (Except for Mazut which is generally sold at a fixed price)

3         But No, we won’t send an offer until the buyer has approved (in principle) our Conditions of contract

4         We then send out a file which includes our conditions of contract, upon which on agreement in principle to, we generate a fully authorised offer.

Silence usually follows, and Yes I would rather have silence than a full inbox and many deals, none of which are real.

XRZ OOO Russia Time Wasters and Non-performers

Please note that XRZ OOO Russia is not affiliated in anyway with XRZ GmbH Austria

We sent this buyer FCO’s for two products, which was duly signed, sealed and returned, as being acceptable.

Then we sent them contracts which was again, signed, sealed and accepted without change. A ratified contract was then sent.The next step for the buyer was to provide verification of the their capacity to close, buyer’s had agreed to send a Non-Active RDLC
This deal was happening coming up to Christmas and the refinery close down.The General Director of XRZ OOO In Russia is a Dimitri Chernikov send us a signed and sealed undertaking on their letter head saying in part  ” …. We are ready to provide you with the supporting documents not later than 14/01/2011

The next step due on 14th of January 2011, was for the buyer to provide an non-active RDLC …. they did not do this ….
So I say in the deal with us they are time wasters. and non-performers.
So be aware and be careful.(please see the top of this post) ….
Please note that XRZ OOO Russia is not affiliated with XRZ GmbH Austria

Oil Buyers – Time Wasters




Both companies are on the same letterhead.

We sent this buyer a FCO for two products, which was duly signed, sealed and returned, as being acceptable.

Then we sent them contracts which was again, signed, sealed with some changes which were not accepted by us as they were outside of our already accepted procedures, we sent them the ratified contract, then after this they wished to change the contract.

The next step for the buyer was to provide an inactive Non-Active DLC …. they did not do this …. they are time wasters. at the very least, more probably non-performers so be careful.

Financea Limited – Non-Performer & Time Waster

This company director a MR. VALENTIN MARCHUK of Financea Limited  of SUITE B29 HARLEY STREET, LONDON U. K. WIG9 QR

They received and agreed to our procedures 100%, signed, sealed and received our ratified contract – they received the corporate invoice, but did not provide Proof of Funding as per the contract.

They did NOT perform, they also wasted our time.

Beware and learn from my experience.

Gold deals for idiots

I really and truly like this link to an example of a fake gold deal …  in truth …. I have had the same approaches, by people who get so invested in the outcome and more .. to the point that they are blinded by the deal … which 995 out of 1000 is not real … for instance in this particular deal, 300,000 mt of gold is a fantasy … about twice as much gold as is on record as being produced to date, world wide …

From my point of view as we have access to current annual production statistics per country .. I know what is produced and where …. Oh I cry out for someone who is real … someone who does due diligence and brings me a real quantity of gold of around one kilo to one or two metric tons of gold per month – but make note … as a very good friend of mine says … Google is not a due diligence tool … it’s only a starting point ….

You know gold is worse than oil for attracting the worst kind of criminals and those who actually are real spend most of our time trying to cut through the bull … these days it takes usually all of 60 seconds … as soon as someone talks about a stupid quantity, an stupid quantity, or a FOB deal or a guarantee instrument … I hit the delete button.

Do watch this one ….. here. … I hope you understand that this is not how you do a gold deal or a oil deal or any deal.

Tri-Petroleum Resources Inc – NON-PERFORMER

Back in July 2010, we sent this buyer a FCO, which was duly signed, sealed and returned, as being acceptable.

Then we sent them a contract on July 15th, 2010 which was again, signed, sealed and returned virtually unchanged, except for a reduction in the commission level on the deal.

The next step for the buyer was to provide an inactive Swift RDLC …. it is now 30th of September, 2010 … we gave up months ago, after lots of promises, and rhetoric and a totally unresponsive Tri-Petroleum Resources, I am convinced that they are non-performers at the very least.

The officers at Tri-Petroleum we had contact with were…

Mr. Ron Bates, CEO / Senior Director
Email address is:


Mr. Melvin Martinez
Assistant Director / Vice President
Tri-Petroleum Resources Inc
Telephone: (768)-837 7408   Cell: (305)-5881888
Email Address is:

Corporate Offices are in Wyoming… address available…
Offices are also in Miami, Florida

I contacted Tri-Petroleum and told them I was going to put their behaviour on the website, they did not respond or engage in any way, or even apologise for the monumental amount of time they have wasted.

Tri-Petroleum Resources are a non-performers, be careful.