Veritas Gravitas and the MBA Oath

Here is the website in question the MBA Oath

In my opinion it is window dressing, ethicsvalues and principles is not something you can swear a voluntary compliance with … it is something that you learn through life, either in essential relationship with your parents and during your childhood or you learn it in the military or in some sort of value driven public service organisation …. that actually does something … to the oath giver .. it is the basis of honour, truth, loyalty …. values which have a profound meaning …

For those that take the oath and it is not part of their soul, it will have no effect on their lives, the whole idea that you can swear a voluntary adherence to leading a  life based on ethics and principles is a nonsense …

It might look good on your PR brochure but it means nothing … as they will always default to the values that they learnt .. usually a reflection of the society as whole that values nothing, creates nothing .. and only values consumption and excess.. and money of course.

Only those leaders that have grown up in an ethical and principled based learning environment or those exceptional military leaders that know that the result of their work has to create value for all … such voluntary oaths are of no real value to society .. otherwise this comes back to the essence of society .. that it looks good, sounds good … but means nothing … unless you are swearing compliance with something that has teeth or means something to the oath giver … its just so much spin.

Which it seems all our society is about …

Its gets more political as we move forward .. it is about how it looks, how it sounds rather than how it actually is…

Poland – a choice

My sympathies go out to the Polish people, friends and family of those travelling in the jet that crashed and killed the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and many of the country’s political elite. In the upcoming weeks, the Polish people have a choice, lets hope they choose well for the future of Poland.

Please see the article from the Times here

As well a brief profile of the President and further background from is here


Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the wind The world we grew up with, is blowing in the wind; (an extract from a recent Skype discussion of mine with a business associate…)

David: Yes – the whole world is blowing in the wind… the world we know now will not exist … when this global paradigm shift is over…. the pressure is mounting world wide for a major event…. to make us realise something that will be a key to our own survival… and future

CRP: Can we be prepared?

CRP: or will we be prepared?

David: No… I don’t think we can be… I think the only thing you can do is hold onto your faith, whatever that is for you… believe … and love and help who you can…; as you will be helped…

CRP: Very well put

David: thank you; we are all here for a reason… we just need to realise and not limit ourselves by our ego and daily perceptions…; I am a little way along the road, but from time to time, I too need to remind myself, to take my ego out of the now, and accept gratefully all that is given… and what is also taken away; you learn to be grateful for what you have… because each of us truly have a lot, by being accepting of what happens and rely of your beliefs… that will see you through … I believe

I guess what we need to realise, is we cannot survive without the world, but going on our performance in the last 200+ years, the world would truly blossom without us… so please take notice..

Just think of this – how much of the past survives today…; Just imagine if all that was left of us were the things we have… 10,000 years from now ( not even a blink in the eye in relation to time) , almost nothing would survive of today… but ideals, the whole, love, beauty, art and our human spirit is eternal… it does not need a place… it is everywhere and in everything.

Telstra the Australian Communications , what I wonder?

This is a bitch session… in that regard you may want to move on… however lets start.

Most of my business life I have felt inclined to support Telstra… support Australian and all that – now I wonder why..

Aside from being about twice the cost of everyone in the marketplace, which the spin has always been then give superior facilities, features, reach and service – this is proving to be very old… and frankly untrue, as when it comes to the main markets their service, features and support is no better than their competition, however one aspect of their operation (I am sure there is more) is just plain pathetic.

For the real issue is the billing and payments side of their operation, where they interface with the public, in this case with me…. they make commitments when you are signing up for a service then break them,, they agree to charge $x then make up the charges as they go along, and whilst I find the operatives at the telstra subsiduary at Bigpond, generally refreshing and worth talking to… Telstra itself, is a disaster… now I am not blaming the people within Telstra… they work within a shell, a system, but some thinking must be really askew here, someone or some oversight committee has to be a fault for such a systemic failure of this part of their operation.

They promised me a refund for some equipment we purchased, then 4 months later when I queried it, they said they had a problem with one of the codes… after all they cannot say they couldn’t contact me to correct the issue….as the whole refund was based around my email account… really!!!! Then they said it would another 3 months… do you think Telstra has some cash flow issues….??? If not what could possibly be the reason for their pathetic customer service.

Every month I dread the arrival of the bill, they always.. ALWAYS screw it up… I have just been able after 6 months to make them understand I cancelled a service and have not used it since May… A month ago Bigpond agreed I have been over charged and gave me a credit of just under $200, but it has not filtered down to Telstra billings… they are still demanding payment for services I cancelled 6 almost 7 months ago….and the other side of the coin.. having new services connected.. well I moved to new offices in May… and they have still not connected extra landlines I need.. which we ordered before I arrived. I wonder if anyone else can do that for me ???

Think I will go looking for an all around provider… someone who actually listens to me… whatever happened to the old idiom, the customer is always right… they seem to function on the premise that the customer is always wrong… they do not listen to their customer base… this will cost them dearly in the long term… people will walk… very shortly me for one… if they DO NOT LISTEN.