Time Wasters

This I think is the ultimate negative, when I venture back into commodities .. especially when you have been doing it a while.

You understand what is really being said –  their words cover up the fact that there is nothing real underneath

Recently I was approached through a trusted source of the potential for a buyer looking for product, as a official mandate for the seller, I spoke to those in question, who were evasive in the extreme, they were either operating as gatekeeper for a real contact or something far darker, time wasters, looking for something for nothing …

Some of the terms they used set off warning lights, but the reality was triggered when they asked for a SCO for product .. this to me was saying they had no one, they were merely going to take the offer and go shopping for a real buyer.

I give everyone I deal with two shots for access, they have all used up one .. so tired on wasting time … 

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